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"The sky sage is a magnificent piece of work that borrows and amalgamates African folklore and mythology in a bold and refreshing way. The authors were able to be both playful and relevant, satisfying both the novice reader and the snob"

Julius Ayo Afolalu, Abuja Times Newspaper

I didn't think I would ever be a fan of the fantasy genre, and I still cant say that I am.  One thing I do know is I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the expansive world it was set in.  broken into three parts ( and themes), the book took me on a thankful journey of moral ambiguity,

Melisa Alli, Daily Trust newspaper

I am excited for what the future holds for this franchise. The first book of the series, The Sky Sage, left me wanting more at the end. CANT Wait for futue installments to come out

Kiki Omeili, Actress, Film Producer


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