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Obinna Nonso Ofor, Founder/ Literary Agent

Obinna founded Festive media to cater to Africa and Africans.   An avid reader and creative, his library comprises  of an array of genres that include  business advisory, grounded fantasy, literary fiction, graphic novels, self-help, history, and autobiographies of the bold and lucky. 

William Ifeanyi Moore, Editor in Chief

William is a prolific writer and poet with a keen interest in developing society through literature. His works have been published on numerous online and print platforms . He enjoys unique perspectives that challenge accepted truths and can shake cultural norms.

Ikechukwu Nwaogu, Editor

Ikechukwu  is based in Nigeria. He likes to think of himself as a student of the strange and unusual, and will read science fiction and fantasy. He has polished and brushed up a few works, ranging from literary and speculative fiction to nonfiction. When he is not reading, he is travelling, or spending his time scribbling the imagined thoughts of people in faraway places he may never get to visit.

Martha Rrazi, Editor

Martha's preferences comprise primarily of literary fiction and autobiographies based on intriguing but unfortunate realities.  She also enjoys books riddled with poetry, grit, and dark humor, and is unabashed by sexuality, queer or otherwise. 

Danielle Samuel, Editor

Danielle is based in the United Kingdom, and reads everything and anything she can get her hands on. She has polished up numerous works spanning from autobiographies to expansive worlds of fantasy. She  is currently accepting both completed manuscripts and proposals, and thoroughly enjoys literary fiction, science fiction, fantasy, poetry, children's books, and inspirational books.

Obiezue Ofor, literary Agent

Obiezue  represents the agency's foreign interests. Based in California, he is responsible for international representation and distribution.  He enjoys self-help books, fantasy, science fiction, children's books, African photo journalism, and black american history.

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