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13 Moons - African Folktale Fiction (OUT NOW - Exclusively FREE)

When an innocent girl is beheaded before a blood-thirsty mob, it triggers a series of haunting events that send the village of Eyanka into trepidation when the annual Red Moon appears.

Sharing the same universe as the Sky Sage, 13 Moons speaks to the darker and more horrific corners of the Sageland universe.

Enjoy an early Christmas present from Festive Media
13 Moons Novella
Download PDF • 677KB


"13 Moons draw on the tradition of oral storytelling to deliver a narrative about injustice and revenge in the context of African societies and has previously been released as a graphic series by the same title. With over 45,000 downloads and raving reviews, it only seemed right to bring this to a wider audience."


P.S The Sky Sage is almost here!


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