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Welcome to the World of Sageland

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, The Wheel of Time, and even Black Panther… If you have grown up reading fantasy, or if you have ever been seduced by the allure of magical realities in worlds on paper, you would know that there have never been a universe that puts Africa in the center stage.

For we as Africans, inhabitants of the birthplace of fantasy in the telling of folklore; talking turtles, singing spirits, bush babies, and so much more, the need to reclaim this age old art where our world is center stage is as much an overdue ode to the ancestors as it is a labor of love for the growing generation. 

In the Sky Sage, we welcome you to the Sagelands - a re-imagined pan-Black universe reflective of the diversity of our cultures, philosophies, and aesthetics. We invite you to follow Zoowee and his friends on an adventure that has only begun.

In September, if the spirits are kind, the book will be on every major bookshelf in Nigeria. Still, we bring with us a gift of sorts. Below you will find the first two chapters of the Sky Sage novel. You will also find a link to purchase, and we hope that you will spare us your coin, and join in our celebration... in our journey of wonder and discovery. Let us make you smile, and cry and hate and scream. Let us form new friendships and maybe even break your heart.

With the crinkle of the last page comes a sigh. We will see you when you get there.


Download PDF • 848KB


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